10 Reasons Why Heterosexual Men Should Leave Western World

Posted on September 24 2017

10 Reasons Why Heterosexual Men Should Leave Western World

If there is one thing that is wrong about the western culture, then it is the fact that most people have never even left the continent. This is very problematic in itself and goes to show you that people have become very dumbed down. It is sad and pathetic when I see hordes of young people who claim to be in debt and cannot find a job, yet are spending hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, tablet or some other technological gadget and would rather not use that money to buy a return ticket to see another part of the world.

I believe that people living in the West have become very dependent on the comfort and convenience of modern technology provided in the West and as a result, have become very lazy and laid back in their lifestyle choice. The idea of travelling abroad is to help you to free yourself from your security blanket and to go out and appreciate the different cultures and value systems provided in other nations.

Sure there are many problems and similar issues to that found in the US, but regardless, the idea of travelling goes to show that you as an individual, have the tenacity, backbone and strong ethic to be able to do something that most people are afraid to do. The fact that you have travelled to another country will also help you to navigate through the many wonders of our world and thereby, help to expand and broaden your horizon and mindset. In essence, it will mature you as an individual and contribute greatly towards a well-developed and honed personality.

If there is one thing that is truly destroying the spirit of our society, then it is without a doubt, laziness and apathetic behavior. Remember, you only have one chance in this life, so make the most of it.

There are so many reasons you should take a long journey to South America, Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia and these are some of the main ones:

1. You will pay less for healthier food and a better lifestyle

A fresh “bife de chorizo” for just $15 – Mendoza, Argentina

Most foreign cities are made for people. Even some poor South American cities have more efficient and extensive public transportation than for example America. Furthermore, living in the center of a foreign city will likely be cheaper than the suburbs of America, meaning the increased walking you do may cause you to shed pounds without any conscious effort.

The foods you find at the markets are always fresh, local and organic, the air is clean, and the sun shines. Food doesn’t contain any chemicals whose long-term effects on humans are not understood. In Europe for example, many packages of food contain a ‘No GMO’ label as a selling point.

2. You will sleep with thinner women who don’t have attitude

The Western world is a female-worship culture that makes women entitled and arrogant. Fat acceptance movement is attempting to promote fat women as beautiful and thanks to mobile phones and a tsnumani of thirsty men, the situation gets even worse. Instead of spending all your time cold approaching chubby western girls at Starbucks you’d do better to save up a bit of scratch and fly down to Argentina or Brazil for a month. I’ve been living in South America for a few years now and I’ve come to realize that while being a charming, charismatic man who knows how to connect with people will never work against you, fishing in the wrong pond with even the best lure will yield only lukewarm results. Thus, going where the odds are inherently stacked in your favor, you’ll do better. Maybe even much better. In addition, dating only Western women will distort your view of how women are really like.

Although most foreign women do also possess mobile phones nowadays, they still have better personalities due the impact of traditional culture: they are sweeter, gentler, submissive, more interesting and more satisfying. This drastically improves the excitement you get from relationship with a woman. When you feel for the first time in your life how easy, natural and normal sex with beautiful, feminine women is, you will probaly feel angry and indigant, because you have been lied to all your life that you’ve been led to believe that the gender dynamics in the bizarro Western world are normal. That men are destined to be dancing clowns for fickle, up-talking Western sluts.

3. You will be exposed to less corporate propaganda

Sadly, a huge part of western culture is based around feeling inadequate. Advertisements exist to make you feel unworthy, or jealous, and aim to make you spend your hard earned money in order to become what you have been made to think you should be. Now I am not saying that this isn’t true in other countries, sadly advertising always follows the same pattern no matter where you go, but as soon as you go abroad it stops bothering you. This is for two simple reasons; 1, you are too busy to notice it, they are much more interesting things to focus on than adverts, and 2, you won’t understand them even if you do notice them! It is hard to be made to feel inadequate when you don’t understand a single word you see or hear. You will quickly stop seeing money as something which you shouldn’t spend on “things” and start spending it on experiences instead.

4. You will discover your strengths and weaknesses

I’m sure you have all heard the line that people go travelling to “find themselves”, but as much as it has become a running joke about people who do travel, it is actually true! The times in life when you throw yourself in at the deep end and try something completely new are the times when you learn how you respond under pressure. You will never learn about yourself sitting in your chair at home, you need to step outside your comfort zone to do so. It is perfectly natural to be nervous about going to a new country, especially if you don’t speak the language and are unfamiliar with the food and the customs, but the way in which you respond to this will show you how brave (or not) you actually are. You will quickly learn what you are brave enough to do, and what you aren’t, and this is how you become a better-rounded person. You can’t improve upon your weaknesses if you don’t know you have any after all!

5. You can be yourself without shame or fear of exile

Other cultures are far more accepting of different opinions and preferences. Thankfully they haven’t all conformed to a certain stereotype like most people in the West have done. People are proud to think and act differently and you should be too, and you will feel it while you are abroad! You can express opinions which might be controversial, act upon lusts which might seem unorthodox, or speak out about something you might have otherwise kept inside. Non-western cultures are normally far more liberal and accepting and something which might turn into a fight or an argument in the West could become a stimulating conversation or debate abroad.

6. You will begin to see the world for how it really is

Although reading and learning about other cultures is to be encouraged at all times, they are no substitute for the real thing and the best way to learn is to see and experience for yourself. You will come to realize that a lot of your beliefs are held just because they are the norm here, or because you were brought up to believe things for no apparent reason. Once you have seen more of the world you will start to shape your own thoughts and beliefs and see the world as it really is, so much more than just one country.

7. You will get out of your comfort zone

If someone told you that your life was boring then you would probably disagree strongly and argue your point, nobody likes to be told they are dull. However, if you actually stopped to think for a second then you would probably come to realize that maybe they are right! How many people wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed and repeat? There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you break out of the pattern occasionally and do something more exciting like seeing the world!

There is no better way to leave you comfort zone than to get on a plane and see where you end up. Imagine the thrill of getting off the plane and having no idea how to even order food, or how to find your way around, or how to even speak to anyone! This kind of thing shouldn’t ever put you off travelling, if anything it should encourage it. You only live once and you shouldn’t be afraid of being scared, you will get so much out of the experience once you overcome the fear and get stuck in.

A man who travels is going to achieve greater experience in life, change his perspectives, become open to different cultures, and become a more well-rounded person.

8. You will meet cultures which encourage male bonding.

When leaving the Western world, you will quickly notice that the women are extremely feminine and men are very masculine in foreign countries. That shouldn’t suprise you, but what you what you might not realize is that there’s a strong seperation involving the stuff you do with your male friends and the stuff you do with your woman. When hanging with your male friends, you’re having manly chats free of politically correct bullshit. Guys tell you just how it is. They give you tips when it comes to all types of stuff. They’re in your corner. They support you; serious and honest mentoring. No bullshit of any type.

This division of gender activities is the defining factor of a truly traditional society. The ability to behave either masculine or feminine is handled no less as a religion. These things are as sacred as visiting the church.

No person attempts to split you away from it. Women understand that you spend time with these guys. They know that you’re probably talking red pill stuff about women with your guys. They know there’s masculine bonding going on. They’re absolutely fine with it and don’t shame you for joining some “bad male gang”. They don’t try to persuade to stop spending time with your crew. They understand you for it and respect it.

9. You will meet real people

As discussed before, western society is built upon a foundation of insecurity and feeling inadequate. We have been brought up to think that the way to get over these feelings is to show off, to try and get one over on someone else. This is why we compete to have the nicest clothes, the most up to date technology, the best cars, the biggest house, and all these other things based around pathetic commodities. If someone were to call us boring then we would probably counter this by posting hundreds of photos of ourselves doing “exciting” things to try and prove to yourself as much as the other person how exciting we are. If you go abroad you will more likely find some normal individuals who are not freaks, you will make real friends and have meaningful relationships.

10. You will discover business opportunities

You can start an offshore company in Belize for as low as $450.

For the last century the US and western Europe have shaped the world, and tried to do so in our own image. However, now the time seems to have come when we are not the epicenter of all global activities anymore. Other cultures and countries are starting to catch up and even over take us in many areas of life. Investment in an up and coming country or region could make you a thousand times more profit then investing in a stable US company could ever do. Foreign cultures and societies actually seem to care about their people as well, their governments listen to what people have to say and are not just bullied by major corporations.

Your money will also go much further abroad. If you travel to, or even move to, a developing country then a dollar will get you so much more than you could ever get for it while at home. There are also many countries where you will not have to pay taxes, or at least they will be greatly reduced in comparison to what you pay at home. You will often get free (or at least cheap) healthcare, which is a huge improvement on the US system. A lot of developing countries are crying out for people to move there and set up businesses and companies to advance their economy, and as their economy increases so will your profits and your lifestyle!

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