Top 5 PUA Spots to meet Locals in Buenos Aires during the Day

Posted on April 11 2015

Top 5 PUA Spots to meet Locals in Buenos Aires during the Day

Buenos Aires – sexy, vibrant and supremely confident! Beautiful girls, thriving nightlife and killer steaks! Like Europe with an edgy Latin American twist, this beautiful city will fascinate you at any time. When you travel to Buenos Aires you’ll see that the city buzzes with a passion that is entirely its own. It’s the kind of city you fall in love with, dream about and then move to for a while. Let’s put it simply, it’s South America’s sexiest capital!

It’s an easy game for an „extranjero“ (foreigner) to meet Porteños (the city’s residents), they are passionate, opinionated and once you get past their hard-city façade – friendly and very interested in other cultures. The only hurdle is the language. If you don’t speak Spanish, you will have a bumpy ride, because most Porteños don’t speak English well. I remember my first night, when I had to pick up girls in a club with Google Translator and my phone in my hand. Although this also works, I recommend you to take serious Spanish classes as soon as possible. And I’m not talking about the lame “Learn Spanish” mobile apps, which you will skip after 5 minutes anyway and finally end up frustrated playing Temple Run instead of learning Spanish. I’m talking about getting out of your comfort zone and hiring a private Spanish teacher at around $20/ hour. Have classes in different Coffee shops and restaurants, this way you will see something of the city and learn Spanish at the same time. You have to live Spanish!

Although many of the best things about this fascinating city happen in the night, you will still find some great place to meet people relaxed during the day. To help you on your way I have handpicked a selection of the city’s best PUA spots. Check out my Top 5:

1. UBA – Facultad de Derecho

Located in Recoleta, near Cementario, the university of law  is absolutely my favourite place to meet smart, beautiful girls. The students are mostly well dressed, because some also work during the day. Take your Spanish homework, get a warm coffee at the “Naranja Bar”and sit next to a nice girl. Whenever you are struggling with your homework, ask her to help you out.
Bar Naranja

2. UBA – Faculdad de Medicina

Located in Recoleta as well, UBA de Medicina  is a great place to meet girls from other latin countries like Brazil, Colombia and so forth. Don’t expect stylish clothes, most of the girls are dressed up pretty casual. Head to their canteen and teach them your knowledge of anatomy.

3. Rosedal Park Palermo

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by rose gardens of all colors and size, you will feel more relaxed to pick up the flowers. Rent rollerblades and blade around the loop. Make sure you take a music blaster with you with some good Cumbia songs. Porteñas go crazy when they find out that an extranjero is listening to Cumbia.

4. Alto Palermo

An obvious choice, but still a good one. Porteñas like to shop, so hang out in the mall for a couple of hours on a busy day. Go for an instant date at the Starbucks.

5. Starbucks @ Santa Fe y Callao

The busy Starbucks located at the corner of Santa Fe and Callao attracts every type of woman you can imagine. Getting a woman’s number in a coffee shop is one of the easiest pick ups you can do, so take your Spanish homework and order a warm Cappuccino!

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