Did you every think about hitting the airport and buying a one way ticket to a new place you always wanted to go? Did you ever think about jumping out of your emasculated and repressed “Everyman” skin and killing the mindless robot who works from 9 to 5 for a corporation? Did you ever think that there must be more to life than this? Are you the millennial man who exemplifies a form of domesticated masculinity: passive, confused, alienated, and without any ambitions, energy and self-assurance?

Digital Nomad Punk is the midnight express which helps men to break free from modern culture that relies nowadays on feminine qualities such as empathy and compassion. For decades, we have been lectured that the instinctive behaviors and characteristics that defined masculinity for generations are sexist, outdated, misogynistic, malicious, and need to be discarded if men are to have any success with women. Digital Nomad Punk helps men to live in a virtuous manner while catering to the masculine side of their biological nature. We give men the practical tools to receive the benefits possible with a male existence while living in natural harmony with women and improving the sustainability and value of their societies. We are reclaiming and re-asserting our masculinity, rejecting toxic women who have been brainwashed by cultural Marxism, and working to fix the incredible harm that 3rd wave feminism has wrought on gender relations.

Digital Nomad Punk serves as a superior ideological lifestyle alternative for men who reject the poison blue pills prescribed by the modern political and cultural elite. We enjoy life as a constant adventure, while accumulating enough material resources to live comfortably in any place in the world where we are treated best and while gaining enough wisdom and experience to live a virtuous life with a mind free of falsehoods and brainwashing.


Modern Workspaces are becoming unreliable and hostile for men. The female-dominated Human Resource department monitors the statements and behaviors of men for anything the causes the slightest offense. Men which are supposed to stand up for their principles and ethics are one politically incorrect statement away from losing out on a promotion or outright getting fired. Even if you behave according to corporate regulations, a slight plunge in business means you end up without a job immediately. That’s why corporate employment must be seen as a short-term solution until you can develop your own business.

Being your own boss is the manliest thing you can do, because it requires balls to start your own business from scratch! It isn’t convenient and you’ll be misunderstood and frustrated along the way, you’ll be pinching pennies to pay the bills and staying up late to reply E-Mails. And there are times that you’ll feel isolated and a bit foolish, and will be close to giving up and walking away from it all. But all this struggle is worth it, if you consider that it doesn’t take much to live in emerging countries with rich culture, great food, and beautiful scenery, especially when you cut down your current domestic monthly expenses, including rent, car insurance, utilities, weekend expenditures, partying, public transportation, gas, memberships, subscriptions, food, and all the rest. Divorce yourself of the notion that slaving away now for greater reward later is good for you.

We differentiate ourselves in that we focus on unique, small, self-financed and automated online business ventures. The aim is with the help of Blackhat methods to build many automated income streams to live on our own terms. Low cost and automation are the two key elements, which empower us to invest more time in other important lifestyle facets.


Being location independent means not being tied to one place, we can enjoy different countries and cultures that don’t glorify gross materialism, bastardy, multiple divorces, promiscuity, gender fluidity and extreme narcissism. There isn’t such a place with a monopoly on freedom, opportunity or happiness, but while living in different places we are able to find the perfect balance. We no longer have to put all our eggs in one country’s basket. The same benefits applies to your company as well, if you take it offshore. You don’t have to be a big baller if you want to take advantage of the benefits of an offshore company. The costs of starting an offshore corporation are lower than ever. You can set it up in as little as one day, and open a bank account without even leaving your home.


For a man to truly convert the raw material of his sexual value, it is vital that such man improves himself and gather enough materials to sustain himself as well as keep himself from the brainwashing and falsehoods of the mind by living a virtuous life. This is a personal quest suitable for the man with the average mind that can resist styles and trends in order to seek truths and conditions that are very important. This has to do with 4 basic components and they are lifestyle optimization, individual responsibility, hard work ethic, and physical fitness.

Weightlifting and fitness

A man’s total well being can be improved through body development. It enhances self-confidence and instills in him the ethics of hard work and this can lead to the realization of greater goals. Although it is important to develop the body, one has to be careful not to do it at the detriment of the development of the mind.

The average man believes that the pleasure and functioning of the body is the only reason why the mind exists while the above-average minded man believes that it is the body that exists for the functioning of the mind. Men must find the right balance and keep resist from overdeveloping the body and going after vanity that will reduce the overall development of themselves.

Individual responsibility

Men aren’t victims. Although we exist at a time when humanity is particularly oppressive, we get opportunities to better our lives or at least affect it. Men have managed to develop themselves even during the most repressive regime ever witnessed on earth. Therefore, there can be no justification for quitting.

In this environment that only poses challenges for man to fail, you can still succeed. Although it is harder to achieve goals in this modern era western society, and even if certain things – such as a good wife to raise a family with – are difficult to attain, one can still succeed. History has shown us that nothing has ever been easy for men and as such, I can say that whatever is serving as a limiting factor exists only in our minds. We must accept full responsibility for any of our failures, this way; we can pay more attention to what we can control rather than what we cannot control.

Hard work ethic

Men are naturally made to work at every point of his life; therefore, we work endlessly till we depart this earth. A man who sets goals for himself and works towards it tirelessly is a Digital Nomad Punk. There is no guarantee for success but there is for hard work and a man who doesn’t work hard is not more deserving of the benefits than the man who doesn’t work hard. Men have to work hard to achieve set goals although natural talents can enable certain men work less than other men to achieve the same goal.

The society is currently set up in a way that men have to work for corporations to earn funds that can only go back to said establishment. After a man spends 8 hours a day or more in his office, he becomes too tired to develop his potential and himself generally. A man has figure out how to set aside time to develop himself when his body and mind are still sharp and not just giving the best of his mind and body to corporations that are concerned only with satisfying the wants of the consumers.

Lifestyle optimization

The nature of men varies from one to the other. While some can be described as night owls, some can be described as morning birds. While some have slow metabolism, others have faster metabolism. Some are introverts while some are extroverts. It is then the responsibility of every man to study and understand himself to the last detail; he has to understand how his body responds to stimuli, know his weaknesses as well as strengths, and factor out the best possible way to live and maximize his potential rather than living someone else’s life.

He must figure out his best workout regime, sleep, supplement and diet. He must figure out the best practices to accomplish tasks and enhance his social relationship with women. This can only be achieved when a man is open minded enough to try new things, be thorough with findings and being honest with himself. By the age of 35, he should have developed a working formula for himself that he is used to and which enables him develop himself with relative ease.

We are not the victims, neither are we to allow ourselves be consumed by anger as men, rather, we are to see thing as they are and face the problems of the day as they come and overcome them. There should be no chance for self-pity and hopelessness, we are to make the best of what we have and remember at all times that quitting is not an option.

As regards our very identity and to an extent existence, we are not at peace. However, we are to remember to preserve our humanity so we don’t turn into some monster that we don’t want to be. The best side of men all through history has been seen in tomes of struggles and the struggles of our generation is not any different. We have to see it as an opportunity to prove ourselves as men.